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Zonta Club Of

Old Pueblo


Does anyone remember the wonderful old Steve Allen Show late night on television?  Steve had a funny segment in which he interviewed the “man on the street.”  He would ask three men (comedians Louie Nye, Don Knotts and Tom Poston) about current topics and get their response.  It was always hysterical!  Well, our club—Zonta Club of Old Pueblo in Tucson, thought if we interviewed the man—or woman—on the street in Tucson, we did not know if anyone would know what Zonta was about!  We chose making our club more visible in our community as our Centennial Project. 

And for the last two years we have worked and created memories of the many ideas that we put into action to make our centennial project a success.  I divided it all into three sections, using the old movie western theme—"The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!”


  • We got a banner to post outside our meeting room announcing who was inside the room—all of us and our guests and speaker!

  • We bought polo shirts with the centennial logo on the front and our club name on the back and wore them to meetings and to projects.  The purchase price for members went into our foundation.

  • We created and updated our membership directory on line and we were sworn to secrecy, so we could only share that information with a fellow club member.

  • At the beginning of our monthly meetings, we go around the table and introduce ourselves and give a one sentence important point about Zonta,  so our guests and speakers would learn about our organization.

  • Each month we met at The Viscount, located in the center of town—(our members come from all over southern Arizona!) –and they never charged us to use the meeting room but served us a dinner/snack selection from their menu.  The staff got used to our routine and treated us like important guests.

  • We had Christmas parties each year—potlucks with our families and guests and more food than we could eat!  We spent the times wrapping gifts for our Christmas families—(the Elves of Old Pueblo)-- and telling stories of our Christmases past—what a hoot!  We laughed and cried!

  • Our fund raising each year was from The Jim Click Auto Drawing, a community wide raffle of a beautiful brand new car.  We haven’t won it yet, but we included a mini raffle at our meeting before the big drawing and gave away gift cards to those people who bought tickets from our members.

  • We continued our efforts with  the Golden Z Club and explored the high school potential club in Tucson.

  • We inducted two new members and accepted a transfer member.

  • We did a Gathering of Gowns for the shop Free Ever After, run by victims of sex trafficking.  We collected donations of beautiful bridal gowns and evening gowns to donate to the shop, and those that were not ones they could use, we sold on Let It Go, an online resale shop.  I remember going to the IHOP parking lot after 9:00 at night to meet with a woman who just got off her shift as a bartender to bring her a gown she had purchased, and sold her two more right there!  My husband drove me there—I felt like we were going for a drug exchange with someone under the cover of night!  I do not recommend doing this alone! But, if you recall, we still had beautiful cocktail dresses and fiesta gowns that we brought to our meeting and sold them to members and to one of the waitresses at the Viscount—she was thrilled to get it for her daughter for $5.00!!!

  • We learned about the serious problem of cyberbullying, and delivered key resource books to the Tucson Unified School District administration office to be loaned to the school administrators and staff at our Tucson schools for best methods of dealing with the problem on their campus. We also donated resource books to Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind.

  • We received a Proclamation (suitable for framing) from Tucson’s mayor celebrating the 100th year anniversary of Zonta International.

  • Two of our members were able to attend the District Meeting in Hawaii.

  • We heard lectures on Civil Discourse, a high school legal experience in the courtroom with procedures, opening and closing arguments, and jury deliberation—a nationally recognized Tucson Program.

  • We also had lectures about self-defense, Multiple Sclerosis, Casa de los Niños in Tucson, Gospel Rescue Mission, Dealing with the Stress of the Pandemic, Interfaith Community Services, special funeral service for deceased nurses, assisting local teachers with supplies—(like empty toilet paper rolls), lawyer and entrepreneur from Ghana about awareness of Zonta in Africa and making handmade handbags and accessories locally.

  • We made donations to Zonta International, The Nurses Honor Guard, Treasures for Teachers, Youth on Their Own, Casa de los Ninos, Sister Jose’s Women’s Shelter, MS Walk, our scholarships.

  • We submitted Ainsley’s application as our club’s nominee for YWPA 2020.

  • We have a potential candidate for Zonta’s Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship, and Zonta Women in Technology Scholarship.

  • We created the Cynthia Love Memorial Scholarship for Single Mom Scholars through Interfaith Community Services—in memory of our dear member, Cynthia Love

  • Being able to ZOOM our board and club meetings, saving travel time and gasoline, and expanding our internet skills, with the assist of our younger members!


  • The unexpected death of our member Cynthia Love

  • The nerve of the Pandemic to interfere with our club gatherings and projects!!



Zonta Says NO to:

  • Violence

  • Child Bride Marriages

  • Sex Trafficking

  • Cyberbullying.

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